It’s been evident during these crazy, difficult years that it’s easy to believe that you have no control over your life. People need to feel like they have control over everything from their daily lives to the places where they work. So people are attempting to regain control in a number of ways, including work options.

Back in the day when you were employed, you were totally invested to that one employer in the hopes of having long term employment and a comfortable retirement.

In today’s unpredictable world, people are skeptical on the idea that one job can satisfy all of their needs. Instead, people are turning to side hustles to feel more in control. 

Side hustle is a job that brings in extra money beyond your regular main source of income. it also gives you more control over your life. But, like all new ventures, its has its own set of challenges. If you don’t choose an idea that fits your current lifestyle, it’s easy fall back in your comfort zone. And as the world rapidly changes… you won’t change. 

Starting by mixing interests, can help you gain a deeper understanding and fresh perspectives on new endeavors. Say “yes” taking a class in something you don’t know much about that you would normally say “no” to. Whether it’s writing computer code, starting a new business, or learning Thai cooking.

Mixing things up in an ever-changing world encourages adaptability and flexibility, and it helps to bring in more income. Because yesterday’s solutions won’t solve tomorrow’s problems.