Growing up in the 70s and 80s, we knew how to have fun. There were no apps, internet, or a zillion cable channels. We had only three stations to watch cartoons. We were the expert DIY-ers. And we didn’t have YouTube or tutorials to show us anything. We rode bikes. With little parental supervision, we were out all day on Saturday morning, with the only rule to be home before the streetlights came on. We used our imaginations, were very social with other kids in our neighborhoods, and created our own fun and games of dare that when we look back on, we cringe with horror at the danger we put ourselves in. Toys R Us told us not to grow up, and we never did. So why are we not having fun anymore? According to a new study, life is the “least fun” in our midlife. While it’s probably true that raising a family, bills and getting older change us, our adult lives should not be devoid of fun.  So how do we get back to that?  Maybe it’s stripping away the cynicism that comes as we get older?  Maybe it’s appreciating the simpler things in life?  Maybe it’s as easy as going out to explore?  Whatever it is, the challenge this week is to channel that inner 80s kid and have some fun!