Even after Covid-19 restrictions, the business environment still feels really shaky these day. You never know when you’re going to get that call that you’re getting laid-off due to an economic downturn. So, before this happens, do you have a backup plan? I’ve been laid off twice, so I got a few tips.

PAY OFF DEBTS | Right now, while you have a paycheck coming in, the focus should be paying off your debts as soon as possible. And reducing your expenses. 

UPDATE RESUME | And now is the best time to update your resume before you’re laid off. You should have an updated resume ready to send out. And make sure you include any recent training or certification courses. 

CHECK JOB MARKET | Don’t wait until you are laid off to start looking at the job market. Always keep your eyes open about what’s going on out there. And even look into a side hustle. 

NEVER BURN BRIDGES | Always maintain professionalism at work. Leave a positive impression and stay friendly. Being appreciative can also encourage coworkers to perform favors for you in the future.

STAY POSITIVE | If you get laid-off, your first priority should be is to stay positive. Being financially hit is difficult. It might be frightening and perhaps cause you to doubt your own worth. Just stay focused. Being aware of your experience and abilities can help you land a new position.