I’ll hit you with the bad news first. Studies show that as we enter into our thirties our social circles decline. The difficulty isn’t that you’re uncool, too old, or awkward. It’s just harder making friends in your 30s and up due to jobs, kids, and a crew of other responsibilities giving you less time available for friends. To combat this, it is important to MAKE TIME. 

INITIATE CONVERSATIONS | Find opportunities for micro-moments of connection in your day.

JOIN A CAUSE | A group that speaks to your heart. It’s a good feeling making the world a better place

GET CREATIVE | Embrace hobbies. Sign up for an online course. Whether it’s drawing, painting, photography, writing, pottery, or something else that inspires you. 

SAY YES | If you get an invite or your job is hosting a Happy Hour, just go… even if you’re not in the mood. The planner will appreciate it, and being around people might be the perfect pick-me-up.

These are some quick ideas, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution to help people break loneliness, but it is worth experimenting to see what makes you feel better connected to the people around you.