With any goal in life, a little initiative can be HUGE! If your goal is to combat loneliness, try to make at least three meaningful connections this year. If you’re want better connection with your coworkers, attend at least three networking events. Starting SMALL makes progress attainable and more realistic. Talk to people, even if you don’t want to. Communication is the ONLY way to connect with others and build friendships. That means doing the one thing introverts feel uncomfortable about… SMALL TALK. Striking up conversations with people means you must change your mindset and talk to at least ONE person every day. It’s also helpful to ask them about themselves and share a little about yourself too. I started a new job and felt very isolated and lonely. I blamed it on my age. But everyone likes movies, so I would strike up a small conversation about a series on Netflix I’m into. Or I would ask what’s their favorite place near the office to grab lunch. Those small chats led to me making new friends (younger than me) and combatting loneliness. The possibilities are endless! 

Small talk is the only way to connect with people and develop friendships and make this a great social year! So reach out to liven your social circle Don’t overthink it, instead, be straightforward text with a concrete plan.