We’ve all had setbacks in life. From losing a job, to something unexpected that set you back financially. And it sucks starting from square one again. But it will get easier convincing yourself that there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Just remember that you can pivot back on track, by refocusing on:

Remembering Why You Started | When you feel your momentum dwindling, orient back to your purpose. Connect to the core reason for your goal. 

Jump Back In | Without giving too much thought on the problem, just dive right back in your routine as soon as possible.

Focus On Progress | If you’re getting sidetracked, it could be because your goal is too big and you’re trying to play catchup. Design a realistic weekly or monthly mini-milestones to aim for.

You’ll get better at rolling with the unpredictability of life every day. And that is the most valuable lesson of all.