Rising food cost is really making grocery shopping harder right now. But there’s a way of getting around that, and grabbing some decent groceries within your budget. Here are some filler ideas to drop in your basket…

Dry beans are the cheapest, canned beans are good too. A can of beans can be added to brown rice or a salad. Pinto beans, black beans, chickpeas, navy beans and black-eyed peas are all good options.

Brown rice is cost-effective, quick to make and can be added to many meals. It’s high in fiber and has important minerals, such as magnesium and manganese.

Pasta is the ultimate cheap food, and can be used as a filler to stretch meat or a side dish. Don’t forget to add some spices, garlic powder, parsley, and a little shaker cheese will turn pasta into a delicious side dish.

Chuck roast is a great meal option. A boneless beef chuck roast can be had for about $6.99 at any supermarket. Pot roast, beef stroganoff and Irish stew are also good options if you’re looking for a cheap meal.

Frozen vegetables are both affordable and nutritious. You can buy them in the store, or freeze extra produce from your garden or farmers market. Frozen vegetables are an especially good idea if not many fresh vegetables are in season. 

Oats are a pretty versatile. You think of oatmeal for a warm, filling breakfast. But consider oats for cookies, granola, topping of crisp or cobbler.  Also as a filler for meatballs, salmon patties, or any other place you are using ground beef.