Ok…. so it’s not strange to dislike the weekends when you got nothing going on and no one to hang out with. You’re sad on a Sunday night, because you regret that you didn’t put your weekend to good use. It was like every weekend. You know? It was busy and draining instead of restful and fun. When you were a kid, weekends were filled with fun, and nothing was planned. You made up your own adventures. You made friends with pretty much everyone. You could talk about anything, like you could say the most random stuff, and nobody cared or judged. But as you gotten older, that adventure slowly fades, and your weekends are routinely filled with chores. But you can get back that weekend anticipation you had as a kid.  Tackle laundry before the weekend. Clean after the weekend. Pull the bike out. Talk to your neighbors. Watch cartoons with a big bowl of cereal. Just drop the to-list for once, and make this weekend about fun, carefree, stupid nothings again, instead of chores.