Definitely, as a kid, someone told you to “just be yourself”. But what does that actually mean? On the whole, “being yourself” is sticking to your core values rather than faking who you are to appeal to others. It’s about being the best version of “you”… the “REAL” you, that you can be. Before committing to “being yourself,” take some time to consider who you are. Check to see if you are being true to who you are, and if not, work on being more of that person. That means confronting yourself and asking, “Am I hiding my true feelings and needs, and saying things that I think people want to hear”? “Am I doing things that I don’t want to do because I’m supposed to do so”? “Being Yourself” means being honest with yourself and to be clear about how you feel and what YOU need. And you do that, by creating some space to reconnect with yourself. When you succeed in doing that, you’ll be ready to show others who “you” are whether they like you or not.