FINALLY! The fall is here! The time when all the magic happens. We can bask in the sweet scent of pumpkin and spices, enjoy rich foods, and cooler weather. We have 10 reasons why hands down AUTUMN is the BEST season, and why there’s much to be happy about this time of year.

1.Beautiful Colors, EVERYWHERE

This is probably the BIGGEST reason why I love autumn so much. Everywhere you look, is beautiful shades of burnt orange, rust, burgundy, deep purples and mustard yellows. There’s something pretty cool about seeing the leaves go orange and slowly fall off into a big pile of reds, oranges and browns on the ground. The views of this time of year are so magical.

2. The Crisp Air

There is something so refreshing about stepping outside and taking a deep breath and the air is cool and sharp. It’s a powerful motivator in getting things done and feeling better. For some, warm weather can negatively impact our decision making. However, cooler weather helps us think more clearly.

3. Good Food

It’s all about the pumpkin latte, caramel apples, and warm soups. Some people like cooking in summer because it’s easy to throw something on the grill. But to be honest, that gets boring pretty quickly. Autumn food isn’t boring. It’s rich and hearty comfort foods and warm drinks. Fall foods like Turkey, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese feel cozier than a pair of wool socks.

4. Pumpkin Spice Whatever!

My FAV! The beginning of Autumn marks the return of the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte. Pumpkin flavors can be found everywhere in Autumn, mostly in traditional favorites like pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, pumpkin scented candles, and in more modern treats like pumpkin-spiced teas and coffees.

5. Better Clothes

It’s layer season! Gone is the focus on showing skin. So you can relax and finally wear clothes that are comfortable and don’t require shaving and guilt about your weight. From boots to long sleeves to pants to jackets to sweaters. What’s not to love about Autumn? The cooler temperatures allow for more layering without sweating right through your threads, allowing us to tailor our looks for a more personal touch. Boots and scarfs take the stage.

6. Halloween

I’m not a Halloween fan, but there is something nostalgic about it. Having good memories of dressing up as my favorite superhero and Trick or Treating with the kids in my old neighborhood. It’s an epic night full of screams, anticipation, and laughs. It’s also one of the only acceptable times of the year that you can dress up as whatever you want to be.  Whether you want to go trick ‘r treating, attend a Halloween party, visit a Haunted House, or watch scary movies with friends, Halloween is a day that people look forward to across the country.

7. New TV Shows

With Fall comes new episodes and premieres of new and returning shows. And you can expect to see a great Netflix fall season lineup. NO complaints about that.  

8. Cozy Evenings

It gets dark earlier, so you can climb into bed and bundle up in a warm blanket without being judged. it’s all about staying inside, nice and snug. There is simply NO need to feel any sort of guilt anymore about missing summer BBQs. You can now stay in with a hot mug of soup and your favorite book rather than a hot sweaty park swatting mosquitoes

9. Things Slow Down

The summer is beautiful but it’s also a very busy time. It seems like you’re always on the move, without any time to relax. The fall sees things slowing down a lot more. You can spend weekends at home. You’re not always packing up for the next trip or recovering from the last one. It’s a season to relax.

10. Transition

Autumn represents a new beginning. It’s a time when the kids go back to school, meet new friends and new school supplies are purchased. It inspires us to try new things, learn a new subject or make a change in our lives. While some think of the Spring as the season of renewal, the fall really is a great time for a new start.

Did I convince you? What’s not to love about September, October, and November? There are many diverse reasons why I have always… and will ALWAYS LOVE autumn.